If you've ever applied for a job, a security clearance, or any form of background check, you may have come across the FD-258 fingerprint card. This standard fingerprint form is widely used by law enforcement agencies, government organizations, and private companies to collect and process fingerprints for various purposes. But can you do your own FD-258 fingerprint card? In this blog post, we'll explore the requirements and considerations when it comes to completing an FD-258 fingerprint card on your own.

You typically can not do your own fingerprint card. The FD 258 card has a box attached to the top that requires a signature to be filled out from the fingerprinting technician capturing your fingerprints.

It is also against most regulations both state and federal to capture your own prints on a FD 258 card.

The best option to get an FD 258 fingerprint card service done quickly, is to search for a provider in your local area with a good reputation, and book an appointment to get it done the correct way as opposed to taking the chance and doing it on your own.

Understanding the FD-258 Fingerprint Card

The FD-258 fingerprint card, sometimes referred to as the "standard fingerprint form," is used for a variety of purposes, including background checks, employment applications, and immigration processes. It is a crucial component of the fingerprinting process, as it helps law enforcement agencies and other entities verify an individual's identity and conduct necessary background checks.

Typically, the fingerprinting process involves visiting a designated fingerprinting location, such as a police station, authorized fingerprinting agency, or an approved private company. A trained technician or law enforcement officer is responsible for taking your fingerprints and completing the FD-258 fingerprint card on your behalf. However, there may be situations where you wonder if you can complete the card yourself.

Can You Do Your Own FD-258 Fingerprint Card?

In general, individuals are not encouraged to complete their own FD-258 fingerprint cards. The primary reason for this is that the card requires specific techniques and ink that are typically only available to trained professionals. Attempting to do it yourself can result in subpar fingerprints that may not be suitable for the intended purpose, leading to delays or complications in your application process.

Additionally, the FD-258 fingerprint card requires precise information to be filled out accurately. Any mistakes or omissions on the card can lead to rejection or delays in processing your application. Fingerprinting professionals are trained to ensure that all necessary fields on the card are correctly filled out, reducing the chances of errors.

Furthermore, some organizations and government agencies have specific requirements for how the fingerprinting process should be conducted. Attempting to do it yourself may not meet these requirements, potentially causing your application to be rejected.

Exceptions to the Rule

While it is generally not advisable to complete your own FD-258 fingerprint card, there may be exceptions to the rule. Some situations where individuals may be allowed to complete their own fingerprint cards include:

1. DIY Fingerprint Kits: Some companies offer DIY fingerprint kits that are specifically designed for personal use. These kits often include detailed instructions and the necessary materials to create acceptable fingerprints. However, the quality and acceptance of these fingerprints may vary.

2. Remote Locations: In remote areas where access to a fingerprinting facility is limited, individuals may be permitted to complete their own FD-258 fingerprint card under certain circumstances. However, this is typically an exception rather than the rule.

3. Specialized Training: In rare cases, individuals with specialized training in fingerprint analysis and collection may be allowed to complete their own fingerprint cards. This is usually limited to professionals in the field of forensics or law enforcement.


In most cases, it is not advisable to attempt to do your own FD-258 fingerprint card. The fingerprinting process is best left to trained professionals who have the necessary equipment, materials, and expertise to ensure that your fingerprints are properly collected and recorded. Attempting to complete the card yourself may result in errors, delays, or even rejection of your application. If you need to submit fingerprints for any reason, it's recommended to visit a designated fingerprinting location or consult with the organization or agency requiring the fingerprints for guidance on the proper procedure to follow.

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