Are you one of the many entrepreneurs starting a mobile fingerprinting business?

Mobile fingerprinting businesses have taken the United States by start the last 24 months. Many entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the opportunity to be an early mover in this industry.

Although the biometrics industry is a multibillion dollar industry, the overwhelming majority of businesses have been brick and mortar. Over the course of the last 4 months,

Mobile Fingerprinting’s Rise as a Top Side Hustle

Explore the current landscape of side hustles in the U.S., with a special focus on the explosive growth of mobile fingerprinting services. Discover why this niche is becoming a go-to choice for individuals looking to supplement their income.

Where did the mobile fingerprinting business boom start?

One possibility is due to a Youtube Figure, Dan Jurkowitsch, raising awareness on this untapped industry.

Mr. Jurkowitsch’s marketing agency successfully coordinated a nationwide marketing campaign for one of the largest Fingerprinting Companies in the industry.

He then used his unique combination of marketing know-how and nationwide fingerprinting expertise to help other people start their own fingerprinting businesses throughout the United States.

Ever since that Dan has grabbed the attention of entrepreneurs across the United States, the early movers of the industry have been lining up to set up shop.

Mobile Fingerprinting Legal and Regulatory Considerations

Starting a fingerprinting business is different in every state. It is important to check your state regulations to be ensure to comply, as well as optimize your business service offerings.

The most popular fingerprinting services will vary from state to state. You can view our state guides to learn more about how fingerprinting works in your state.

Mobile Fingerprinting Business Toolkit

  • Fingerprinting Cards and Ink : You will need to use have FD258 Fingerprint Cards to service clients on. You can bring a fingerprint card holder as well.
  • Mobile Office Setup: Craft a nimble and tech-savvy mobile office to provide fingerprinting services with flexibility. Many of our clients have a portable table set up for use at client location.

The Appeal of Starting a Mobile Fingerprinting Side Hustle

  • High Profit Margins: Unlike many side hustles, mobile fingerprinting boasts high-profit margins. The demand for convenient fingerprinting services creates an opportunity for substantial earnings with each client engagement.
  • Essential Service: Positioning your side hustle as an essential service adds to its appeal. Fingerprinting is a vital component in various processes, from background checks for employment to licensing requirements, making your services indispensable to client

The potential downsides of a Mobile Fingerprinting business

  • Vehicle Depreciation: The frequent use of your company vehicle for mobile fingerprinting appointments can lead to accelerated depreciation. Consider budgeting for vehicle maintenance and potential replacement over time as you grow your business.
  • Increased Gas Expenses: High appointment volume means more time on the road, resulting in increased gas expenses. Efficient route planning and possibly adjusting service fees can help mitigate this challenge.

The nature of a mobile fingerprinting business makes it appealing to those who drive trucks, taxis, Uber and mobile notary businesses looking to boost their revenue.

Possible Next Steps to starting a Mobile Fingerprinting Business

If you are thinking about starting a mobile fingerprinting business, we recommend you partner with an industry leading company to minimize the learning curve. offers free introductory courses about fingerprinting.

You can find the information here if you are an aspiring early mover in this industry.

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