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What Fingerprinting Classes Can You Take?

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on fingerprinting classes, your gateway to mastering the fascinating world of fingerprinting services and how to generate income from offering them.

Whether you're an aspiring business owner, want to create a side hustle or want to add this service into your existing business, our fingerprinting classes are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need.

What's Included In Our Classes

With the class library, you get to choose from any skill or information needed to be a fingerprinting expert.

How to roll fingerprints on a card

State Regulations

Marketing Strategies

What to do after you perform a service

Much more!

Fingerprinting Course



Sherri Blank

Sherri has taken the fingerprinting market by storm with multiple locations and now a national brand!

Speight (1)
AJ Notary & Fingerprinting

Roberta Speight

Roberta has made tons of progress as a complete newbie in fingerprinting and is now dominating her new service.

F hooker
Rochester Fingerprinting

Frederick Hooker

Frederick jumped right into our platinum live scan system as well as a marketing program and had great results.


Lavonnia Sanchez

Lavonnia came to Fingerprinting Classes with questions and concerns and left with a brand new business.

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Copy of Copy of A Story From A Fingerprinting Closed State
Fingerprints 101

Brett Beatty

Brett started his fingerprinting business in a state with no other competition in an underserved market.

Screenshot 2022-04-09 132134
Cleveland Fingerprinting

Janice Gibbs

From figuring out her future to building an empire. Janice changed her entire life and is now a full time entrepreneur. 

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Copy of A Story From A Fingerprinting Closed State
Motary Notary & Fingerprinting

Tammy Stephens

Tammy went from employee to entrepreneur with her fingerprinting business and us now paving her own way.