Understanding the Difference: Live Scan Devices vs. Live Scan Direct

In the realm of fingerprinting technology, two terms often come up: live scan devices and live scan direct. While they may sound similar, there are significant differences between the two that can impact functionality, convenience, and cost. Let's delve into each to understand their distinctions and benefits.

Live Scan Devices:

Live scan devices refer to hardware-only fingerprinting machines. These devices are capable of capturing fingerprints electronically, but they lack the software necessary to perform various functions beyond scanning. Essentially, they serve as the physical component of a fingerprinting system but require additional software to enable transmission, printing, and processing of fingerprints.

Live Scan Direct:

On the other hand, live scan direct represents a more comprehensive solution. It involves a specific system paired with a live scan device that includes the requisite software to transmit fingerprints, print out cards using a laptop and printer, and perform other necessary functions seamlessly. What sets live scan direct apart is its ability to operate without any third-party channeling fees or processing fees.

Channeling Fees and Process:

Channeling fees are charges imposed by the companies that provide the software utilized in live scan devices. This process often involves intermediaries, which can lead to additional fees and delays. In contrast, live scan direct bypasses these channeling fees and streamlines the process, offering a more efficient and cost-effective solution for fingerprinting needs.

The Advantages of Live Scan Direct:

Live scan direct represents a newer, more streamlined approach to providing live scan systems and capabilities to customers. By eliminating middlemen and unnecessary fees, it saves users a significant amount of time, headache, and money. With live scan direct, users can enjoy a hassle-free experience, from fingerprint capture to processing, without the complexities associated with traditional live scan devices.

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