How to Start a Fingerprinting Business in Georgia

Interested in starting a fingerprinting business in Georgia? Our comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step process to help you get started successfully.

January 2024 -

Fingerprinting Business

Starting A Fingerprinting Business In Georgia?

Starting a fingerprinting business in Georgia requires a few things to get started. The most important being the following.

  1. Fingerprinting Skills
  2. State Regulation Knowledge
  3. Marketing Strategy

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you learn how to start a fingerprinting business in Georgia:

  1. State Regulation Knowledge:

The fingerprinting regulations in Georgia are as follows.

  • State Live Scan By GAPS
  • Accepts Fingerprint Cards
  • Requires no professional license
  • Federal Live Scan Open

Now if those bullet points do not make complete sense that's fine. See the explanations below.

State live scan services are handled by GAPS or "Georgia Applicant Processing Service". This is not available for private companies but federal live scan and fingerprint cards are.

"Accepting fingerprint cards" means that if the state is requiring a fingerprint card to be done, then that card can be done by you without any licenses or other requirements. Fingerprint cards can also be for federal reasons or "commercial" reasons which anyone can do regardless of what state you are in.

No professional license or certification is required to conduct ink fingerprinting services in the state of Georgia. It is suggested to be certified with a company that provides training so you ensure your customers get a quality service.

Commercial electronic fingerprinting or "live scan" can be done. State live scan or state specific electronic fingerprinting is only done by law enforcement and some vendors in the state of Georgia. This is referred to as GAPS fingerprinting. GAPS fingerprinting can accept fingerprint cards for some instances as well.


2. Fingerprinting Skills

We always suggest to seek professional training to be confident in rolling fingerprints for the state of Georgia. You can inquire about training by booking clicking here to take our certification course

3. Marketing Strategy

For marketing we suggest creating the following to get started.

  • Google Business Profile
  • Website
  • Listing on a referral site


Georgia is a great state to do fingerprinting in. As long as you have a solid plan, the right materials, and take action!

Want To Be Certified In Fingerprinting?

Business Setup And Legal Information

Although is not licensed to provide legal or tax information in regards to your state, we always suggest the following as a starting point.

  • Ensure you have a legal business entity setup
    • LLC, Sole Proprietorship, or other
  • Ensure you keep good financial records
  • Consult an attorney or tax professional for further advice regarding operating a business in your state.