How to Create EFT Fingerprint File

Are you looking to create an EFT fingerprint file to submit a background check? If so, you're in luck - creating an EFT fingerprint file is a relatively straightforward process, if you have the proper hardware and software. 

May 18, 2023- By Daniel Jurkowitsch


Looking to create an EFT fingerprint file to submit a background check? 

To create and retain fingerprint records, you have the flexibility to use various hardware and software options. However, it's important to note that the submission process may vary slightly depending on your chosen tools, and your software will have limitations on the types of enrollment available.

The first step is gathering the necessary information, such as names, addresses, and social security numbers of the individuals whose fingerprints you'll be collecting. Additionally, understanding the purpose of the fingerprinting is crucial, as it affects the type of fingerprint file you need to create.

Once you have the required information, use a fingerprint scanner or machine to collect the fingerprints. Ensure that you follow all relevant guidelines and protocols to ensure accurate and reliable results.

After collecting the fingerprints, convert them into an electronic format and create the EFT fingerprint file. This can usually be accomplished using specialized software or with the assistance of a third-party fingerprinting provider.

Before submitting the EFT fingerprint file to the appropriate agency or organization, verify the accuracy of all information and fingerprints.

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In summary, the process of creating an EFT fingerprint file involves gathering necessary information, collecting fingerprints, converting them into an electronic format, and submitting the file to the relevant agency or organization. By following these steps and adhering to accuracy and protocols, you can generate a reliable and effective EFT fingerprint file for your business or organization.

For individuals offering fingerprinting services, the creation of an EFT file becomes straightforward with the right training. However, attracting sufficient customers to generate EFT fingerprinting files underscores the importance of a robust marketing solution. is a team of editors passionate about all things fingerprinting.