How Long Does It Take for Fingerprints to Come Back?

Well, it depends…Learn about the factors that can affect the processing time and get an estimate of when you can expect your results.

May 17, 2023- By Daniel Jurkowitsch

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When Can I Expect Results? 

If you have recently submitted your fingerprints for a background check, you might be curious about the time it takes to receive the results. The processing time can vary based on factors such as the location of submission, the purpose of the check, and the method used for submission.

For instance, if you submitted your fingerprints to the FBI for a criminal history background check, the processing time may take up to 12 weeks. The FBI conducts a comprehensive review of your criminal history and records to determine eligibility for certain employment opportunities.

On the other hand, if your fingerprints were submitted for a non-criminal purpose, like an employment background check, the processing time may be quicker. Many businesses and employers employ electronic fingerprinting systems that provide results within 24 to 48 hours. Electronic submission allows for faster processing by the appropriate agency.

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It's worth noting that the quality of the fingerprints can also impact the processing time. Smudged, incomplete, or difficult-to-read prints may require additional verification or new prints, resulting in longer processing times.

In conclusion, the time it takes for fingerprint results to be available depends on various factors, including the submission method and the conducting agency. If you're awaiting results, it's advisable to contact the relevant agency or your employer for an estimate. Additionally, ensuring high-quality fingerprints can help avoid unnecessary delays in processing time.

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